Finished project: I’ve been into hats recently, though I have to find just the right pattern otherwise I lose interest pretty quick. This beautiful pattern has been hooked a couple times now. Love the stitch.IMG_7958In Progress/Almost finished: My Granny blanket is in it’s final stages, finsihing the border, weaving loose ends. Hopefully I can have a post dedicated to this little lady in the near future!


IMG_7961Just Begun: On to something new.. I really shouldn’t allow myself to start on another something before I finish the previous somethings.. BUT, I just couldn’t help myself. Not much to speak of or see yet, but here’s the start..

IMG_7959And one item to say goodbye to: We had the unfortunate experience of having our stroller and diaper bag stolen recently. We have forgiven and let be, however we still mourn the loss. In the bag was Isaac’s much loved Spider Man hat I had recently finished for him..