Life is moving full speed right now. My husband is almost finished with State Police Academy and our move to Maryland is close at hand. My life has been consisting of boxes, boxes and more boxes! Oh and also some playtime, and some extra “twin sleep”.

It feels like just yesterday when we started this journey. The uncertainty of our future feels so real, so close.. Yet, here we are, ready to close this chapter and enter a fresh one. The next pages will be full of newness. Full of goodness. Full of family happiness. I can just feel it, taste it.

And while we are excited for this next step, it really is bittersweet. We will be leaving “home”. Family that is very close by will soon be a few hours away and we will really be striking out on our own. While the uncertainty will be less then it has been, there still will be a bit of it. But, we know the Lord has plans for us and he has been faithful through our storms, through our joys, through our waiting.

We’ve got this.


IMG_5377 IMG_5391

IMG_5396 IMG_5405 IMG_5455My little warrior, a little paint never hurt anyone.. 🙂

Here we go into the future. I’m sure the next time my fingers think to type another post we will be in a new place, with new things to share.