Wow, lack of posts, much? My apologies! There’s a good reason.. for real there is! You wanna know why? You do? Awesome! Here it goes…


That’s right. We found out quite a few weeks ago that we are expecting not just one little bundle but TWO! Surprise, shock, disbelief. Yup, we’ve felt all of those! And now we are settled into it. Our family of three is going to quickly become a family of five! Isaac is beyond thrilled about “his babies” and mom and dad are equally excited. These babes are slated to make their appearance in June. So, here we go! An adventure!

My picture taking this past month has left a lot to be desired. But here are a couple moments that were captured.

IMG_5297 IMG_5300

We’re prepping for a wonderful family filled Christmas and dwelling on the wonderful gift of Christ. But while I anticipate the special moments my heart is filled with deep sadness and sorrow for those that are experiencing such horrible loss. I pray for peace, for healing. My thoughts, my prayers, my love goes out to the families, the teachers, the community of Newtown, CT.