Wish I could show you something productive from my little crochet world. Alas, I cannot. I’ve started a few projects but have no finishes.

October has come and gone. November is hastily moving along.

We went through Hurricane Sandy, which for us amounted to a bunch of rain and wind, but no damage. Our neighbors on the coast were not so lucky. Much flooding, much destruction and chaos. Their plight continues as they put their lives and homes back together, piece by piece in the bitter cold and snow.

Halloween came shortly after and I dressed my little man as a cute spike covered dinosaur. He rocked it and was all business as he went door to door trick or treating. Only tiring when his bucket became to heavy to carry. We have a major sweet tooth on our hands.

The election is over and done with. Our president, Barack Obama, has been re-elected for another term. Some are excited, some are not. I won’t get into politics on this little blog though. Not my purpose. But it’s part of life, you know?

We’ve been through some illness with my boy. Through some temper tantrums and glum. But once again.. That is life, you know? We have a lot of love, of which I am very very thankful for. A blessed life.

We are looking ahead to the future. Lot of blessings, lots of changes ahead. What we once had time for in our life we can not always find time for now. These days and years are speeding by. Lightning fast. All we can do is enjoy the ride.

Love as we live.


Life happens, you know?