It’s been a whirlwind past few weeks. Here’s a peek of our happenings..

Out for a bike around the block. We play “The Mailbox Game”.. Isaac is allowed to go to the next mailbox and wait for me to catch up and then he can go to the next. Keeps him moving at a safe pace, and keeps it fun for him.

One of our weekends was spent in Maryland watching my Maryland State Police Candidate husband run a race with his class. Isaac and I were able to walk around a beautiful park. The little guys favorite part was saying hi to men and women in uniform. At one point a mounted officer clip clopped by on her horse and looked down at Isaac to say hi. Isaac responded in kind and then as she left he looked up at me in awe and said “That was Yawesome!” (Yawesome=awesome in Isaac speak) He is quite proud of the profession his daddy has chosen!

This past week we spent a night in Ocean City, NJ to visit family we don’t see often. It was a quick but fun trip!

September has already brought us some beautiful fall weather. Cool days, leaves beginning their change. And more fun and beauty is to be had as September winds down into October! Life just keeps on moving forward and we are enjoying the ride!