That’s right, it is my crocheting anniversary! A year ago this month I began this journey of yarn. Crochet has quickly become a beloved friend of mine. Its quiet and meditative nature has calmed me through a year of tumultuous life. Crochet is peaceful, meaningful, and beautiful. Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t pick it up sooner. But maybe my appreciation wouldn’t have been as great, maybe my distracted self would have thrown it to the wayside without giving it much thought. Maybe I found it when I needed it. You know though, now that I found it I think I’ll hold on to it. My hippy self thanks me.

I am hosting a giveaway via my Facebook page. If you’d like to enter you can scroll down and on the left side of the screen find my Facebook link. Give me a “like” and you can head over there to enter! Unfortunately I can only ship in the United States. I am sorry for this as I know many of my readers are else where in the world.