Isaac is coloring.. “Phew.. This is hard work.”

After praying with Isaac I asked him if he’d like to thank God for anything. “Yes. For lollihops. Thank God for lollihops.. the GREEN lollihop with daddy at the bank. Thank you God. For buttons. I press buttons at Target. I press buttons at home. Thank you God. Playing piano. Piano at Janie’s. Piano at Poppop’s. Ummmm.. and… ummm… What comes next mommy? Oh.. Amen.”

Isaac told me tonight that “God made my noses, my mouths and cookies!”

I think we need to work on how to play hide and seek with Isaac.. “Mommy, I’m hiding under my blanket.”

Isaac’s main bedtime song is Silent Night. Tonight he sang through the whole thing with me and then ended it with “Sleep in a piece of pie, sleep in a piece of pie..” Pie on the mind?

Me: Isaac are you ready for that diaper change yet?
Isaac: No thank you, I’m not done.

And we laugh.