Ahh, vacation. I’m close to the end of it though. My mothers family spends a week together on the Chesapeake. We are far away from real life at The Bay, a good half hour to the nearest “large” town. “The end of the world” as my husband put it. Not every ones cup of tea, but mmm.. I drank it in. The beauty, the peace. Oh yes, there were bugs. Tons. Isaac and I were eaten alive a few times and required Benedryl and many applications of witch hazel to be comfortable. I even managed to step on a giant wasp that was eating a giant dragonfly. My foot swelled up and hurt for a few days after that! However, that was a small price to pay for the wonderful family time, the intense pool time, and the breathtaking beauty surrounding us. There was anxiety hanging over my husband and I though. This was our last full week together before he was headed off to 26 weeks of Police Academy. It’s fitting that we were spending our last bit of time together in the State we will soon be residing in. Maryland, the Eastern Shore to be exact, is beautiful and hopefully a place we will call home in six months time!

The flower hexagons are beginning to take shape!

Now, Isaac and I are still on vacation. I left Joel at the Maryland State Police Academy on Sunday and road tripped to my immediate families annual Cape May, NJ vacation. I’ve been a bit lazy and have yet to get the camera out. It’s been a bit of a bummer not having my husband here and knowing that he is going through a very very rough first week of Academy. But he has called me and let me know he is okay, in pain and exhausted, but okay. So, if you think of it, you can say a little prayer for strength and endurance for him.