That storm gray that washes over the brightness. Dark. Bold. The cheery hues of summer days turn to deep and sultry. I’ve always loved seeing this change happen. It’s fleeting, only for the moment. The colors however are the most beautiful, the most daring.

And so this blanket came to be. I wish I had the stormy day to photograph it. I had to settle for a bright and HOT photo shoot though.

Made up of granny circles, whip stitched together. Simple, beautiful. Isaac is my biggest fan when it comes to crochet. “Oh, it’s so pretty!”.. And then he jumps on it and rolls around..

I have this obsession with all things squares recently. No, seriously. I have two other blankets involving squares in progress and a couple in my mind. Oy! Long term projects are fun to dream up.. difficult to finish! Because of the length of all my WIPs I decided to start up some simple and quick hats. I guess I’m gearing up for the fall. It’s not TOO far away, you know! Okay, so maybe because of everything going warp speed in my life right now, I’m focusing on later things.. Could be.

Okay, now back to mothering and maybe a little hooking..