Okay, so that crochet post that I promised still hasn’t happened. Whoops! I have some WIP’s to show you, nothing finished though. I promise, I will get some pictures SOON! I just have been pretty busy with other life things. We’ve had an exciting past week, my husband was accepted into the Maryland State Police Academy to become a Trooper! He will begin that journey on August 13th. We have been busy celebrating and dreaming about the future. I’m still on a high from the news! Our move to Maryland won’t happen until February, as academy lasts for six months. So Isaac and I will be camped out at my parents until Joel graduates! Things are finally happening after two plus years of waiting and working towards our goals. It’s exciting and fresh and nerve wracking. We are blessed and are thankful to our families for the support they have provided through this season. God is good and makes his plans known in his time.