I laugh on a daily basis because of the words that come out of my boys’ mouth. Because of this I thought that I should blog some of the funny moments. Two year old humor, you know.

One day after his bath I allowed him to run naked for a bit with strict orders to come to me if he needed to go potty. A few minutes later he comes running out to me “Mommy! Come see come see! Come see pee!” Oh, lovely, he peed on the floor and his train table. I told him that he was supposed to tell me if he needed to pee, not pee on the floor. “But mommy! It’s fun to pee!” Oy.

Isaac told me that he wanted a job. I asked him what kind of job he would like. “A blue one, mommy.” …hmmm…

At the playground one evening Isaac looked up in the sky and saw the moon. “Mommy! I found the moon! It’s at the playground!”

I told Isaac that he needed to clean up some toys before he played with any other ones. He was not happy with this directive, not one bit. With a huge sigh and a few shakes of the head he mumbled under his breath “I miss daddy today.”

And we laugh.