Thank you to DaniellaJoe for the nice little suprise today! I am honored that you enjoy my blog enough to give me this award! I really appreciate it and hope you continue to read and be inspired!

Random things about myself..

1. I’m obsessed with Kale, I crave it A LOT. Mmmm.. may have to go pick some tonight for supper! (unfortunately I’m the only one in my little family that enjoys it.. more for me, right?)

2. I like wide open spaces, too many hills/mountains and trees and I start to feel a bit claustrophobic.

3. I still love to play with LEGOS, in fact, once these bad boys are out of the oven I will be headed into the living room to help a certain little boy build a house, and a car, and a boat. Really what happens is this.. I build and he breaks what I build. It’s a perfect relationship.

Okay, I know I’m supposed to give you something like seven bits of knowledge about myself. However, I think three seems like a good place to stop. If I give away too much, well.. umm.. hmm.. maybe I’m just lazy and am having a hard time coming up with anything else! Shh.. don’t tell!

I am also supposed to nominate a few other blogs. I’m going to change the rules yet again here. If you’d like to spend some time meandering through the blogs that I enjoy, just look to the right and find my blogroll. There are so many beautiful blogs out there, I think they all deserve to be viewed and read!

Mmm.. Go back to fact number 3 and click on the bad boy link.. then go make some for yourself. Okay? Mmm..

P.S. Another blogger I enjoy is having a giveaway.. you can check it out here: Not Your Average Crocheter