Wow! Over 50 people are following my humble little blog these days. That means a whole lot to me. I’ve been through a few blogs over the years, and before this one I blogged primarily as a way to keep family updated on the happenings in my world. It’s grown now, it’s become focused. I started my crafting adventures on this blog back in February of this year and have gradually grown into my niche. It’s still a family blog (HI FAMILY!!!! :-P) but I’ve learned to know fellow crafters and I find new inspiration with every click! I’ve enjoyed letting you in for a glimpse of my world and sharing my love of yarn and hooks. I look forward to building this blog and growing as a crocheter and crafter in this community. Thank you for your comments and support, I really do appreciate it!

As I’ve gained new followers I’ve enjoyed seeing just where all my views are coming from! Since I live in the United States, a lot of my views reflect that. However I’ve had people look in on my blog from many many countries: Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Namibia, Netherlands, Peru, Australia, Italy, Qatar, Kenya, Pakistan, Taiwan, Slovenia, Ireland, Finland, Greece, Argentina, Bahamas. And those are just a handful! I’m amazed and energized to think of people all over this world reading my itty bitty blog.. it’s a small world!!!

Thank you.