This morning started out with a cranky two year old. I thought the day was destined for frustration and tears. Oh no. Not at all. In fact it became a morning of laughter, peace and the pleasant sounds of the morning birds filling the air. My Isaac played happily and contentedly went about his buisness. I was left to do what needed done. You know, the essentials.. Laundry, dishes, make some chocolate granola, play with some yarn. It was a productive, tasty and peaceful morning. I’m not sure what changed the tide of the morning, but, hey, I’m not complaining. Oh no. It was needed and lovely. Thank you, Lord.

Still plugging away at these. Headed out to purchase another bit of gray today. Most likely these squares will become a small throw. I’m really loving the colors.

This chocolate granola is quite tasty. Click on the pic to be taken to the recipe! I added a handful of craisins, that really made it delicious!