Do you have a two almost three year old that sleeps horribly at night? I do. Oh, we have our amazing naps still, I need those for sanity reasons. So yes, I am very very thankful that he naps, and well. He still sleeps so unpredictably at night though. It wears on me after awhile, especially after a week of unforgiving up every hour or 2 hour nights. This is how he has been from day one. I have come to terms with it and even embraced it as part of his uniqueness. It’s his own personal sleep schedule and because it is his, it’s mine too. We make do, I’ve made peace. I won’t lie though, there are those days where I and he are just a cranky mess. Sometimes I don’t realize this until we have a decent night of sleep. Like today, he only woke once last night so today we are both in great moods. The whine that has been in his voice for the past few days has been changed to crazy laughter and happy conversation. The unfortunate harshness of my words have been changed to gentleness and silly rhymes for his amusement. All because of a good nights sleep. Now, that being said, I don’t feel the need to take action because of his sleeplessness. I did at one point, back when I still felt new to this whole mothering thing. I felt the pressure from other mothers to work on his sleep schedule, the societal norm of sleeping through the night. I tried even. It didn’t work. And that is when I realized that I didn’t need to force it. My boy just sleeps in his own way and in all honesty it’s been good for me. The reality of it all is that he will eventually get to a good place with sleep, it won’t be like this forever. I’ll take my cuddle moments while I can, especially since he isn’t one to snuggle up otherwise. So this is our season of sleepless nights, of cheering when a night of sleep happens in its entirety, but not beating ourselves up over a bad night. I’m sure as more kids find there way into our family that the sleepless nights will continue. But just as I have with my Isaac, I won’t let the pressure from around me make me change my parenting style. We will just do what we do. Live and love.

Enough of my ramblings!

The days here have been cool and beautiful.

Mid-morning snacks on the deck. Pajamas have been worn well into the day recently.

I may have started another little something… Oops. I was supposed to finish a project before I started a new one. But the yarn beckoned to me and I had to answer..

We have been monitoring this birdhouse for the past couple months. We’ve watched the little birdies grow feathers and listened to there tweets as they waited for mommy bird to fetch their breakfast. As we slowly opened the top yesterday I had a near to tears little boy as we realized that the little birds had left the nest for bigger skies. His little face crumbled, but he was happy to know that they were flying somewhere above us.

This little guy has an athletic future ahead of him..

Mmm.. the depths of purple.