I have a few projects going right now. Mostly long term things which makes for slow progress. Which is why I don’t do a lot of the WIP Wednesday posts because, well.. it would be boring to say the least. You’d be seeing the same things over and over without much change. I won’t put you through that.. You can all breath a sigh of relief now. 😉 That being said, I haven’t shown you many of my projects lately and since I’m a rebel I decided to do a WIP post on a Tuesday. Gasp! That’s about as rebellious as I get these days.. haha! I also am kiddo free for a few minutes (The boy went on an adventure to Lowes with his grandpa. Gotta love man stuff.) and that makes for a better blogging environment.

Up first is my dream blanket. I put it down for a few weeks because of granny exhaustion. But it’s back up and running now. I actually had a border on it and everything and then I spread it out to take a look before finishing it off and realized I needed to redo a few rows. So, out went the border and now I need to pull out some rows to make it satisfactory to my perfectionist eyes. But, it’s close to being done. Close.

And we have another purse. I started this a few months back. Whoops, kinda forgot about it. It’s basically finished, I just need to cut the lining and sew it in.

Then there’s the secret project. How secret you ask? Well, it’s so secret that even the hubby doesn’t know what is going on with these little squares. And that is all Imma say about that.

Last but not least.. a shawl. I’ve been admiring beautiful shawls over on ravelry for quite some time now. Finally I had the lace to make one and settled on a pattern. Chances are I’ll have to go back and buy some more lace to finish, but for now I’m just enjoying watching the growth of the wrap as I steadily hook. When it’s a bit farther a long I’ll give you a better idea of what it (hopefully) will look like.

Of course there is still my quilt to finish.. not much farther with that. I look forward to being able to share the finished products with you! Must. Go. Hook. Now.