I recently was nominated by my sweet friend Meg. As she says in her blog, I’m also not really sure what a Liebster Award is. But it’s a fun way to learn more about fellow bloggers and also to find some more blogs to read! Thanks Megan for the nomination, I always enjoy reading your blog and am glad you enjoy mine!

The rules are to write five facts about yourself and then nominate five other blogs you enjoy. I will do both, but I won’t force those I nominate to participate. It’s not like I could actually enforce it anyway! Haha!

Fact. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

1. I can tell you the names of most if not all of the trains, boats, flying craft, and automobiles on Thomas. True story. I’m sure anyone else with a little boy/train enthusiast can boast the same impressive skill as I.

2. I went to Geneva College in Western PA for a year and a half. I was supposedly in the Elementary Education program. I dropped out because I really didn’t like my major and I also had no idea what I really wanted to do. Now I’m where I know I’m meant to be. A wife, mother, crafter and traveler through this journey of life. I’m satisfied with my life. I know God has got me where he wants me and is taking me and my family where he wants us to go.

3. Ethiopian food is my absolute favorite. Speaking of which, it’s high time I stuffed myself full of the deliciousness.

4. My first car was a Ford Escort Station Wagon. It was mint green with a pink stripe on the side. It’s name was Betty and I loved that thing. An accident took her away from me but changed my life in a very substantial and good way. My second car was a Chevy Cavalier, bright red, named Boop. (Haha, get it? .. Oh my Highschool self!) We still have it (9 years later), it’s our only car at the moment and has been the best car. We are so ready for a larger family car though! Funny how cars end up marking seasons of our lives, huh?

5. I didn’t crochet or sew at all until about two years ago. I was actually really against the whole concept. I didn’t think I had the patience and I thought it was so old fashioned. I was extremely wrong and am now in love with yarn and fabric art.

Nominations (In no particular order)

Cuteasabutton82 – I really enjoy reading about all of the crafty goodness this woman makes!

Made by Patch – Another craft blog that inspires me with each post! Thanks Trish for the fun reads. 🙂

Oh Sew Tempting – Avis always has something new and interesting to see and read. She’s a very talented quilter and dabbles in crochet too.

Meme Rose – More inspiring Crochet amazingness. I just recently discovered this gem.

Little Woollie – I’m inspired by this woman’s crochet just as much as her beautiful garden!

I’ll contact you lovely ladies a bit later to let you know. (Right now a little boy requires my immediate attention.)  🙂

Alright, well. There you go. I think it’s plain to see my love for crochet through the types of blogs I frequent! Haha! Please click through those links and let yourself revel in the beauty. There are some amazingly creative people in this world. I really love and appreciate the ability to share in the creative world via blogs. Inspiration abounds.