It’s been a long time coming. Joel’s graduation is all over. The party is all over. Now we wait a bit longer before another season in our lives begins. Soon Joel will be in a police academy somewhere, and for six months we will wait again. After that a new life will begin someplace. It’s all in God’s hands, he knows. In the meantime Joel gave me a morning to myself today. Oh I needed it. I was tired, I needed to hit refresh. Yarn shopping was the plan. I love meandering down the aisles of the yarn section with no real purpose but to stare at the pretties. And not only did I find me some yarn, I found a sale on my favorite yarn! No, I’m not one of those that buys the really expensive beautiful yarn. It’s not that I don’t want to.. it just that it isn’t within my means to do so. Wool-Ease I have found is a beautiful, soft and warm yarn however. It flows beautifully over my hooks. The colorways are lovely. That multicolored yarn in the bottom right corner is a lace yarn that I had a coupon for. I have a few ideas for that one. Not my color really, but I think it might look good on someone else. 🙂

I think I’ll be busy for awhile now!