Back from an unexpected vacation from my computer, that is. My laptop ran into a bit of trouble with its power jack about two weeks ago. Thanks to the expertise of my brother-in-law it was an easy (Well, for me anyway, all I had to do was ship the thing.. I don’t know how he would describe it though..) fix. So now I’m back and able to write my ramblings again. I know you all were waiting breathlessly. Right? No? Well.. we’ll just pretend that you were. K?

What have I been up to? Well, we’ve been having some fun days. Family to hang out with. Celebrating a potential job for my husband. Lots of play. And of course crocheting my heart out. Here’s a taste..

I started a granny stripe blanket (above).. I really do love it and got a bit further but ran out of the blue. I searched high and low and can’t come up with anymore of it. I’m hanging on to my little bit of blanket and hoping that one day I will be able to find the blue again..

Boy goes everywhere with his bike helmet on. I guess you always have to be ready.. huh?

I’m in the middle of a cup cape (ala Wool Hogs). I haven’t got much further because of some other projects. I know, I need to finish at least one…

And this last picture is of my newest project. You know that granny stripe blanket I mentioned at the beginning? Well, since I can’t finish that one right now I got my hands on some other pretty yarns and started one I KNOW I will be able to finish. It’s a dream blanket. A dream in that it is for my eventual home. As some may know, my hubby is in school right now. He is studying Criminal Justice and actually will be graduating in a few weeks. But during his time in school and our little (I mean LONG) waiting period we have been living with my parents. They have been and are so gracious to allow us this! We are a tight knit group and it works out quite well. This will continue on for a bit longer as my man will most likely be headed into Police Academy for six months sometime this fall (this is what we have been celebrating in the job realm of things). I’ve been dreaming and dreaming of having a place to make our own again. A place Isaac can really call home. This is my first project in a long time towards our home. I have been hesitant to work on things for the future not knowing where we will be and when we will be there. We still don’t really know. But we’re a bit closer and I’m able to let myself start to dwell on making this dream of a home into a reality. The blanket is going quickly, I will share my progress soon!

Now that I have my computer back I’m itching to be back in the blogging world. So like it or not, you’ll be hearing from me quite often!