This post is a bit late, huh? Well.. it’s been busy… and that tutorial took up all my free time! Enough excuses? Okay, no more excuses..

We had a lovely Easter. Family-filled and lots of love. Now, my family has grown in number and age but we still take egg decorating seriously. Oh my, it’s an experience in this house. We bring out the dye and the Sharpies and we go to town! Isaac enjoyed his first real egg dying fun. Last year I think he just watched with envy. He did a great job, only cracking a handful of them!

Two of my contributions this year..

Isaac was excited for an egg hunt. He’s a very good “finder”.

As Easter’s go, it was another lovely one. A favorite time of year for me. It will get stretched out a bit further this week with the arrival of some more family members. Ah, the beauty.

Isaac and I have been enjoying the gorgeous outdoors. We are blessed to have such wonderful spots to explore just a few steps away.

Pure delight.