This will be one of those posts that has a little bit of everything. Crochet, my boy, and the beautiful outdoors.

I’ve been working out some kinks with these hot pads. Two sided grannies. My first attempt I sewed the edges together and it came out a bit wonky, but it’s still purty. I also get tired of doing the same thing over and over, so each side is different. 🙂 The second I got smart and crocheted the edges after staring at it for a bit and then having one of those- Ah HAH! Light bulbs go off- moments.

And of course the beauty of the day (yesterday to be exact) needs some recognition!

Strawberry fields forever… Starting to blossom, soon we’ll have some yummy treats to pick!

An Easter craft with my boy. We finished it, however, tears flowed freely at a few points. He just isn’t made for sitting and making a craft. Now, maybe if I would allow him to walk around the room and put glue on everything.. then he may enjoy it. Attention span is NOT there.

But he does make a cute little bunny, don’t you think?