Thank you to my blogging friend over at The Modern Home Economist for the surprising honor of nominating me for The Versatile Blogger award!


I wasn’t expecting this at all! As a blogger who’s just starting out in this little corner of the vast interwebnetz I am excited to see where this blog goes and who stumbles across my ramblings. So, if you are reading this linked from another blog, WELCOME to my little world! I am a wife, mother, avid crocheter and dabbler in various crafts. As you meander about my pages I hope you see simplicity, sincerity and a whole lotta love.

The rules for this award are as follows:

  • Thank the Nominator

I think I did.. but I’ll do it again! Cause that’s just the way I roll!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for this nomination! I’m very happy that you enjoy reading my blog, I enjoy checking yours out too! The Modern Home Economist has a fun blog to take a stroll about. Click on over and enjoy!

  • Display the Award
    Been there done that!
  • Nominate 7 Other Blogs (and tell them the good news)
  1. Crocheting the Day Away – Mary has a fun blog to follow. I enjoy her crafty projects and the bright happy pictures she always includes. She’s a stay at home mom like me, and I always enjoy reading about other mama’s adventures! Click on over and enjoy!
  2. Two Girls Being Crafty – This is a great blog about.. you guessed it.. crafting! I love to read the adventures in various crafts and projects they have going on. Take a gander!
  3. Crochetime – I love this blog. Wonderful ideas and beautiful work. She gives inspiration with every post! Go and revel in some beautiful crafting!
  4. Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs – Not gonna lie.. The name is what drew me in and then I got hooked! (pun much?) Sharon has many ideas on crafting with recycled and reused materials. She’s quirky, and I like it!
  5. ChecklistMommy – Are you a mother? Yes? Well you MUST head on over to ChecklistMommy and bask in the utter glow of fabulousness that she is. A bit much? I think not. She’s funny, educated, and has come super awesome lists. Go. Now. Enjoy yourself.
  6. Blue Baobab – Need some more crafting inspiration? Blue Baobab has some beautiful stuff. Crochet and otherwise! I enjoy this blog, and really.. you can’t go wrong with Baobabs!
  7. The Half-Baked Housewife – This is a fun fun blog. Her recipes are always fun to look at and read. She’s honest and down to earth, no pretending. Love that. Check it.
  • Share 7 Facts
  1. I bite my nails.. Oh yes, I know this is a horrible habit. I need to stop. But how? I’ve been trying to quit for years and years! I have any idea how.. so I’ve quit trying to quit. And seriously, I’ve tried everything. Everything. I once stopped for a month and was beyond thrilled and then my wedding approached quicker then I realized it would and the stress took over… and well stress and nail biting go hand in hand. True story.
  2. I lived in Tanzania when I was 6 until I turned 10. I loved every moment. It’s home in so many ways. My family loves to tell the story of when we returned to the states and I said “I’m going to miss my childhood.” A bit to wise for my years at the time? I knew an era was over, I knew it wasn’t going to be the same in the states. It wasn’t, it isn’t. But I have some wonderful memories that aren’t going anywhere. I hope to one day show this beautiful continent to my children.
  3. We are living at my parents at the moment. My hubby is in school and money is tight. We are very blessed and thankful to have a family that supports and helps out in whatever way is needed. My boy, Isaac, is living a wonderful childhood surrounded by family!
  4. The most horrible injury I’ve ever had happen to me was in Africa and involved my finger and a meat grinder. The meat grinder won at first, but my finger is a survivor.
  5. The TV show Community makes me laugh. Every time.
  6. We cloth diaper. I once did a post on my old blog about why and how we do it. Maybe I’ll revisit the topic on this blog in the near future?
  7. I NEED coffee. I NEED NEED NEED IT. I am not ashamed to admit my addiction. Not at all. It’s yum.

There you have it folks! I’m really not sure what this award means? Who knows if I would win. But it’s fun and I hope any new readers enjoyed their stay with me!