About a year ago I began an adventure in fabric. A year ago? Why yes, a year ago. Did you finish? Why ye… err.. umm.. no… I did not. What happened? Well, it’s almost done.. so close I can almost see it laid out on a bed. Oh, but the binding! The binding has plagued me. The strips are cut and are half sewn.. but I keep messing up and having to rip seams. I need an extra jolt of energy and inspiration to finish this long (rewarding, but long) project. So, I must blog about it. I must give you a taste of what I’m working on so that I can regain the enthusiasm I had going into it. It’s a twin size quilt, for my boy. Bright and lovely. Unfinished but almost!

Looking back through my progress is kind of fun! Maybe that little kick just happened.. now I just need the time!