Oh warmth, how I love thee! Aching for the blue skies over my head, the green grass tickling my toes, and the warm sunshine brushing my cheeks! This mild winter has made me itch for the warm days more then usual. Or maybe it’s because I have an energetic two year old? I think both. I saw his little plastic pool bunched up in the basement the other day and got a flutter of excitement for the days that we will be able to splash around and spend lazy days basking in the suns rays. But for now we’ll ease into the feeling. Some walks down to the horses, some handy hooking while watching the boy play, peeking at the flowers that are showing signs of Spring. These photos are a glimpse of the past week or so. Looking forward to a full week of sunshine!


Isaac thoroughly enjoys these horses, I'm in constant amazement at how patient they are with his squeals and screeches. This horse is known as Thomas thanks to my boy. The other horse has been named Dive. And when you say "Dive" you MUST say it with a southern accent. You really must.


The white cloth I have found to be an excellent "spa" wash cloth. I made up a pattern using HDC and half a puff stitch. The other two I will show at a later time with fuller descriptions.


Simple beauty. I love it.