I have. And yes, it was DELICIOUS. Yummy lump of lard coated in sugar.

Isaac and I have been having some tough moments recently and today we had a big one. That stubborn streak that Joel and I both have been known to possess has definitely been passed on to our son. After an incident of foot stomping, a screamed “no”, and a defiant look I picked up the kicking and screaming boy and proceeded to his bedroom for a talk. As I tried my best to make my two year old understand what was wrong with what he had done the boy in my arms was clinging on to me, fingers in my hair, pulling with all his might. I gave up and hung my head for a few seconds. Okay, new tactic.. admitting a loss for what to do. So there we sat, an out of control boy clinging to his frustrated mama by her hair. Prayer. I told Isaac that we were going to pray about this and I began to speak to God about the situation. About Isaac’s defiance and violence and about my response to him. We prayed asking for forgiveness, for calmness, and for the ability to show God’s love to each other. Fingers slowly released the strands of hair they had been so vigorously pulling. A calmness eased it’s way into a mama’s tired body and mind. And a soft “amen” was uttered from a now completely peaceful and smiling boy. The once horrible moment had turned into a God moment.

Prayer. Why is it the last thing I think of in moments like this? And yes, I usually do offer up a small prayer (Hail Mary-esque) when the tantrums are running rampant around me. But they are silent and for myself. Of course Isaac needs me to pray with him, for him. And we do, we have our routine of praying together. But why don’t I do it in the moments that are the toughest during our sometimes long days together? Light bulb moment.

So as Lent begins tomorrow I will add prayer to the tantrums that are frequent in our home. I will take those moments to pray with Isaac. I will practice God’s love to my son even in the moments that are the hardest for me to cope. The times where my first reaction is to discipline and let him deal with his emotions himself. With my son I have found the discipline route often falls short and on deaf ears. Prayer. Duh!

Do you have something you are giving up or adding to your life in this Lent season? I’d love to hear them! And also, if you haven’t already… go find yourself a fasnacht and scarf it down, k?