That soft fiber that becomes a beautiful (ahem.. sometimes not so beautiful) new creation as I carefully stitch it together. Sometimes I don’t know how it will turn out. Sometimes I have a picture in my head of the assumed outcome. Sometimes I search and search for that perfect skein,  the perfect color. Sometimes as I meander through the yarn section gazing at the plethora of beauty a texture or color calls out to me and I have to have it. And then there are those times I just snatch what I have on hand and get to working with it. I find myself wrapped up in that last scenario more often then not. I’ve got this thing.. I HAVE to use up what I already have. Those times that I pull from my stash, that’s when creativity flows the most. Working with what I have, molding a new creation with my fingers. It’s challenging, and the satisfaction of creating something worthwhile with the scraps that I have tucked away is addicting.

Of course one way to use up yarn from other projects are granny squares. So for my first real attempt at creating some grannies I decided to use some leftover yarn from my husbands scarf I recently finished. I added to those two colors with some yarn I had on hand but hadn’t yet found a project for. I still have some more squares to make. Once they are all done I will be putting them together and will share the finished product with you. I used Lion Brand Wool-ease which is an affordable yarn that holds up well and is incredibly soft.

My other project is from a skein of brown yarn that I have had stuffed in my yarn box for quite awhile now. I still don’t know how it will turn out and I’m not sure it will turn out to be something wearable! My goal is a new slouchy hat. I’ve been just winging it and am not sure I could replicate it once I do finish it! But it’s a fun little project and helps to break up the monotony that granny squares become after awhile. I will post a picture of that if and when it becomes something I can wear!

Crocheting has become a relaxing and rewarding hobby for me. As I’ve learned different techniques and stitches I’ve fallen in love with the craft. Part of the reason for changing my blog was because of that. I really hope to be able to someday sell some of what I make. A blog is a good way to get my stuff out there and connect with the crafting community. So as I create and figure out where I’m headed with this I will keep you informed through this blog.